Jetboost not picking up collection edits

Hi there, I cloned this project and didn’t modify anything: CMS Job Board Template #2 (w/ Jetboost) - Webflow

Filtering, etc. works fine. But, when I modify or add data to the collection, the filtering doesn’t pick up the changes. Thoughts? Thanks for the help!

cc @cspags

Hi @aloolabs,

Are you testing the filtering in the preview or within the published site?

If it’s not working within the published site, could you provide a URL and an example of the filtering not working?


Hey Milan, I’m testing with both. Here’s a published version:

If you filter by Contractor you should see “Paid Media Specialist” included in the results, but it doesn’t show up. The value was originally Part Time before I changed it. If you use that Part Time filter, it does show up.

It seems like it isn’t using the updated value.

Hi @aloolabs,

Thanks for the clarification! It’s possible that you need to sign up with Jetboost and link up your project for this to work.

You could try reaching out at to see if they know what’s happening.

Sorry, I wish I could be of more help! Maybe someone else here has more experience with Jetboost.

Thanks for checking it out, Milan. That’s my theory too and I tried to integrate my Webflow with Jetboost but found inconsistencies between the cloned project and the Jetboost onboarding, for example, class names.