Jetboost Job Board Filter Block

I’m creating a job board so that my friends from college and others in the industry can search for jobs.

The template I’m using has a filter block. At first, I just hid it because I don’t know how to configure it (since I’m not an expert) but then I thought it’d be really convenient for people to be able to use it to narrow their search (plus, I don’t want to just hide it and take the easy way out).

I can’t figure out how to get the buttons and search bars to work. I went on the university, but I still don’t fully understand what to do (and I don’t want to mess anything up). Can anyone help?

Here’s a pic:

Here’s the read-only link:
Webflow - Ellen’s Health Coach Job Board

Hey Ellen!

this template uses a custom script to filter the cms items. As far as I can tell, the queries are based on class names on the filter inputs and buttons. This is not a native WF thing so the uni won’t really help you understand it. Try having a look at the cms item fields, I guess they have fields like what type of job like fulltime and part time etc… I guess renaming the buttons and renaming the class for location will also change what the input will look for.

Maybe you can contact the seller of this template for guidance?