Jetboost + F'insweet Attributes

Hi there, dear webflow hivemind!

I am building this new website for a prefab-housing company, which includes a complex search I employed F’insweet attributes for, and now integrated Jetboost to get a “save for later” feature, so you can search for houses and compare them later - and it works like a charm!

Except for when it does not. I integrated the pagination feature of attributes and the favourite feature of Jetboost, but it only allows me to favourite items on the first page of search results, not on any subsequent one, or as soon as search filters are applied.

I know this is a rather specific problem I am not sure anybody has encountered yet, I just hope it catches the attention of a mind greater than my own, who may be able to either tell me it won’t be possible at all, or tell me if I did something wrong.

The feature in question is currently in the “Hausfilter” part of the page, where it allows one to favourite (“merken”) and then jump to the list of favourited items (“Merkliste”) with a button.

I would love to use this combination, because integration is easy and it does seem to work together quite well, but I have to be able to favourite items on subsequent pages or with search filters applied.

here is a staging link
and here
The webflow share link.

Alternatively, I would wonder if there’s a different way to make this work, e.g.: using the webflow commerce package and employing the shopping cart as a sort of “save for later”/favorite-list, or another integration that might work with finsweet attributes?

according to Jetboost there is no way to combine, so one either has to use the whole solution by Jetboost or would have to find a custom coded solution for the favourite function.

Thanks for updating your post.

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