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Jetboost breaks hover interactions on items after 100 (webflow pagination limit)

I have a collection of 1,000 CMS items and am using Jetboost to filter and search. Webflow pagination is set to 100 (recommended by jetboost for large collections) and jetboost pagination is set to 8. On a div in the collection item I have a webflow native hover animation set. It seems that these IXs are not added to any collection items after the first 100 (i.e. after the first webflow page, even though only 8 are visible on the live site at a time). Has anyone else encountered this issue? Will I need to add some custom code to do the animations for me?

Here is my public share link:
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Hi Nicholas,
My apologies, as I just saw this post. There is an extra step required to get the interactions working after the first 100 items.

Edit the Jetboost pagination booster you created, and go to the Power Ups page. There you will see a Power Up named “Fix IX/IX2 for paginated items”.

Click that and then toggle on the setting below.

Now the hover animations should work on all of your collection items as expected.

Sorry for the trouble, we are working on making this more clear!

Take care,

Hey There! It’s not working for me, I just followed what you have mentioned above but still facing the same issue

Jetboost is still breaking webflow interactions, even with the power-up. Any update on this?