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Jello Effect and Z-Position Issues

Hi all,

I’ve only recently started using Webflow for a University project, and I’m trying to set up some animated interactions on some image links. The images are in a grid and overlapped slightly.

The goal is to use the jello effect on the images on hover, which should bring the image to the ‘front’ during the hover and back to its original position when the mouse leaves.
This sort of works on the first time, but the images subsequently become stuck in their z positions and no longer hover in front of the other images. I’ve tried a few additional hover interactions to no success, so if anyone could help I’d really appreciate it!

Also apologies in advance of the shambles of a wireframe you’re about to click on - I definitely need to do a better job of tagging classes etc in the future!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Lucy's Ultra-Awesome Project