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Javascript URL - Bablic issue

Hey guys,
so i’m having a small issue with my bablic integration at my website, wonder ir someone can help. As i’m choosing to not display the usual flag-badge at the corner and having my own button for the languages, i need these language selector buttons to have very specific URLs

They recomended using:

For English - javascript:bablic.redirectTo(‘en’)
For portuguese - javascript:bablic.redirectTo(‘pt_br’)

But that doesnt really work, it opens a blank page when i put that under the URL in the settings pannel. So does anyone know what’s the best way to use javascript links like these?


Hi @gmaueler have you had a chance to go through the tutorial posted here on integrating Bablic into your site: Easily Translate your Webflow Website with Bablic - Localizing Webflow

Here is a link to the Bablic tutorial:

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