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Javascript gallery not filling parent container

Hi guys,

I’m working on a gallery website through webflow, but using the Ultimate Grid Responsive Gallery, to implement a repsonsive gallery. I’m hoping bartekkustra can help me with this!

Basically I want the gallery to ‘fill’ the parent container, without leaving any gaps as it does currently. I have the container set to 100% height, but ideally I want it to be say 600px high on desktop, with all of the images used filling the space without any gaps. Currently if i specify a height, the images just get cut off instead of resizing to fit… If I resize the browser window to about 900px the gallery resizes itself into a nice squared off shape, with everything contained, no gaps. How do i get it to do this at all browser widths?

Any ideas?

Here is my public share link:
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Hi @Karl_M, we do not support third party plugins, but taking a look at the docs on that plugin, you need to set this:

isFitWidth: true, //Needed to be true if you wish to center the gallery to its container

You should share a read-only link to your site: and paste the plugin settings you are using, so that we can take a look. :wink:

Also make sure to publish your site, so that one can see if there are any javascript errors.

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