Javascript execution time 4 times slower on mobile vs desktop

Hey guys

I’m trying to find ways to improve my Google Pagespeeds mobile speed score.
One of the big 3 issues is that the @Javascript execution time is around 4 times slower on mobile (~4 secs) compared to desktop (~1 sec).
Has anyone faced a similar issue and is there a way to remedy this?

Here’s an example page:

read only:

Any help or guidance is much appreciated :slight_smile:

I get 90+ score on mobile on some of my sites. This test is not perfect (This is checklist and not relative score - empty page with one uncompressed image could get score of 20 - although the loading will be 150ms).
No way to speed up JS (Webflow already use the best hosting technology out there).

Minor effect - set to true (Under setting --> hosting):

Minor 2 - remove unused classes. Remove unused fonts.

Your contact-us page get mobile score of 72. This is more an issue of images (Maybe use tinyjpeg).

Thanks for this, yes I already have all of those ticked :slight_smile:
Okay well it’s saying that the Javascript execution time is 6 seconds+ on mobile, which is pretty darn high.
Perhaps theres something wrong with my javascript/it’s too long

Do you put custom code in this page?
Does this issue also happen on another page?

Anyway on mobile the site not really load after 4 seconds.

Create beta page - copy paste all content without custom code and test the diff (Huge diff = this is custom code issue).