Javascript embedded form won't work after pasting code snippet before closing head tag

Our website: Webflow - Masonry Plus

We are attempting to embed a basic form on our website, but unfortunately, simply copying and pasting the code into the head of the site is not producing any results. Could someone please assist us with resolving this issue? We thought this would be a straightforward task, but we seem to be encountering difficulties.

code snippet :

If you’re doing an embedded form, you’ve missed a part.
MailerLite requires a div with a class of ml-form-embed where the form will appear.
Check your embed instructions, you’ll see the part you need to place into an on-page HTML Embed.

If you’re doing a pop-up, you don’t need that however you’ll need to check your settings, e.g. which pages it appears on and what triggers it, and of course make certain it’s enabled.

Thanks Michael for your response. It’s a pop-up, I’ll go back through and double-check all the settings :grinning: