Javascript button embed display error

Hello! I’m having a hard time with embedding some Javascript buttons. They display fine on the homepage, but then when I create a new test page, they either don’t appear at all when published, or will render multiple times in the wrong area. Also, if there’s a way to change the font within the button to match the buttons on the rest of the site, that would be helpful. Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Eterno Verano

Hi @chrisathook,

Welcome to the forum! Hope I can help with this one.

I can see that you’ve added Shopify Buy Buttons to your homepage and on ‘The Tequila TEST’ page - I noticed that you’re using two instances of each button the test page, one for mobile and one for desktop - this can cause clashing because you’re using the same ID for both divs - example: “product-component-1657151777566”

Please try unlinking the instance of the embed and replacing the div ID - I recorded a quick walkthrough video here:

Let me know how you go!

Hi! Sorry for the late response. Unlinking the buttons ended up fixing the problem. Didn’t even have to update the IDs. Thank you :slight_smile:

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