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Japanese Restaurant Theme

Hey everyone,
here is a theme I made that I want to showcase. I’ll try to submit it to the Marketplace for approval. 90% done and appreciate any feedback. The theme is a simple Japanese Restaurant. I’ve included Vertical Responsiveness (thanks @callmevlad @thesergie for the reference), a custom responsive sliding menu for phones, and will include some simple CSS animations for the final release.

Here it is, Japanese Restaurant Theme ‘O Genki De’


Wow looks great! I’m hungry for some hamachi now :sushi:


Very nice theme :smile:

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Thanks guys! Appreciate you taking time to look at it.

I had seen your Japanese Restaurant theme it was good. It will be nice if you can make sushi restaurants theme because nowadays Sushi food is very popular in world especially in New York.

There’s a Sushi inspired template availablehere :slight_smile:

I couldn’t see it 404 ! in that link


Is the site still available? I get 404 error :(

Hi bartek,
I’ve moved on to different projects and currently suspended this account, but you can still see it in my old portfolio site here

Thanks for sharing the link, your Sushi restaurant theme is also good.

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