Welcome to my portfolio site. Let me know what you think. All feedback welcome good or bad :slight_smile:

Hi @jgammon
congrats on finishing your site and good luck with everything.
A few points:

  • Buttons should go below the paragraph, thats where user expect it.
  • Your “Get a quote” text clashes with your hero text on landscape view
  • You could give your projects a background to appear as boxes.
  • Give your images an overlay (dark, 30-50%opacity), so the “click to view” text is visible more clearly
  • There is a typo at “a little bit about me”
  • Your background is very dull … Jump in illustrator, make a few icons and spread them over your website, this is very nice technique to make it visually interesting with very little work.
    Here are some examples: one two three four five << This will heavily improve your design within 10 minutes …
  • Once you have done that, set your background image to fixed, so it will look even cooler.
  • You should give your navbar a background on scroll immediately … on mobile, the navbar text clashes with your content
  • Your navbar needs more spacing at the bottom
  • Give your buttons and overlays a hover treatment
  • Never give a section more than one H1 … right now you have 4xH1 right at the beginning. Google will hate you.
  • Limit your form width to about 400 - 600 px.
  • The client text size is bigger than your section heading, this makes it look really weird.
  • I know this is heavily opinion based … But please please please choose a better looking and more unique font that has some style to it. Yours are absolutely boring :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would love to see these suggestions implemented.
Please tag my name if you decided to do this and I will take another look and maybe even give a few more design tips.


Good start. However, it is not unique. I would strongly suggest to put your story up at the top. There are so many web designers out on the internet. What makes you different?

This video explains it more:

Hope this helps :slight_smile: