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IX2: When will we be able to use other units? + Webflow Fallacies/Shortcomings

Currently other units are visible in the panel, but you can only account for units in pixels. I haven’t tested moving an object based on a click, but only pixel units work on the scroll action. If you select any other unit, it will simply work as pixels and it’s kind of disappointing because I am not able to optimize for smaller screen sizes in my take on horizontal image scrolling.

I’m just happy to have IX2 buggy or not, but Webflow constricts updates to the Wishlist and very rarely updates Wishlist items. It would be awesome to see Webflow documenting their development process or at least being more vocal about update progress, but Webflow would rather brag to the world about a feature that isn’t out (remember all the IX2 press?) than address more important things.

I wasn’t bothered that IX2 was being advertised before anyone could use it, but I am bothered that they can loudly advertise IX2 that isn’t out and not talk about other features on a frequent basis.

Seriously, why aren’t more people seeing this as a problem or saying something? It’s clear that everyone overestimated Webflow’s development maturity, but a year later almost in 2018 and with a major feature release that is only half-way completed punches me in the face with the reality that this platform has MAAANNNY years to go before it can be up to par with where people are really satisfied. Development is just too slow, and to an extent I understand that as someone who has a small dev team, but this is really questionable.

I’d also like to add…

I do congratulate Webflow on some of the small features added; file uploading, global swatches, and a few other things. Whether I’m right or wrong about how long it should seemingly take for Webflow to release different updates, I’m just asking for one simple thing:

Talk about update progress frequently. You’ve released a couple videos in the past, but I haven’t seen anything beyond that (and rare updates in the Wishlist). I’m sure there is plenty of free time where that information can be released.

I just checked, they all work. EM, RE VW, VH, PX, %, selectable and not taken as px

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I’ve been using vw, vh and percentages since the ix2 launched

I tried using both % and vw. They both worked as pixels. I made a work around but I’ll play around with it and see if I made a mistake or something. This isn’t my first project where this was an issue for me. And while I’m at it, it would be so cool to see calc.

The only instance where you cannot use any relative units that I am aware of is moving your objects along the z-axis (unless you rotate it beforehand). But that is because your objects have zero depths therefore % of zero are impossible.

I’m using the x axis. I’ll upload a video of this sadness soon…

Please do. This shouldn’t be happening as far as I can tell. Looking at my animation with vw’s all over the place and it’s working as it should - responsive and all.

Okay, it’s potato quality right now. In a few minutes it should be at 1080p.

I’ve worked around this issue and just sticking with pixels. And since ViewWidth for the images is unnecessary with pixel based scrolling, I’ve solved the problem by just displaying more products to see when scrolling past the main product’s images. It won’t look perfect, but I’m sure a solution will come around soon enough or what not. I had one of my guys play with it for a few minutes but he wasn’t sure. The problem is that a solution could be a lot of different things. It could legitimately be a bug, or maybe there is one tiny thing I’m missing. I’m just happy to have IX2.

And yes, I have extensively tested this in an actual browser window as opposed to trying and failing inside the Webflow UI. The result is the same.

Hm… Perhaps adding interactions to the cms items is buggy? I thought it doesn’t work at all for now (devs mentioned this)

They don’t work on CMS items, but it seems that you can use them on CMS items within a collection page. I’m unsure why. TBH I totally forgot that CMS items aren’t supposed to have interactions; maybe this is why (including collection pages).

On regular pages and within Collection List items, you cannot use “On Selected Element” interactions but you can use “On Current Page” interactions. In collection pages, you can use both.

Well, if you’re going to use Interactions 2, use the same unit for every individual interaction item. You cannot mix them or Webflow will default to whatever unit the firstmost interaction is using (untested; could even be just pixels in general).

That’s odd. Never ever heard about this. Do you mind sharing your project ?

Nah I got it. You need to use the same measurement. So I just had to make the first marker of 0% as 0vw.

If Webflow brought calc support, this wouldn’t be an issue. I could see them allowing different measurements.

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