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IX2 Show and Hide

Hi everyone,

Not sure who’s had a chance to look at new show and hide Interaction functionality in IX2? I can’t figure out why I seem to have to click the button twice to get it to close? It opens fine, then closes when I do two clicks. Then opening a second time isn’t that smooth. Can’t anyone help please? It’s the first Find out more button.

Hey there.

Your issue is that you have first and second click interactions assigned to both buttons. Remove the second click interactions from the Find Out More button. Then, you need to remove all the second click interactions from the See Less button. You then need to make sure the first click interactions on each button are doing everything you want to happen when a user clicks each button, and nothing more.

Think about it this way… each button does one thing, and that one thing needs to happen on the first click for each button. They never do anything different on the second click, so you don’t need a second click interaction on either button.

Let me know if this makes sense.



I am now experiencing a lot of bugs with the Show and Hide on one of my projects in regards to affecting other elements. Let me know if you run into similar issues after you’ve done what I’ve described above.

Thanks Christopher,

Your comments really helped : ) Got it working, although now there seems to be a jump when you click it open and closed (not all the time though. I will let you know if I come across any issues that you’re experiencing.

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