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IX2 - Possible to trigger another looping animation as parent-child without manually doing IX2 steps over again?

I have a simple “Blinking” IX animation applied to some “Warning Text” as follows.

“Call Now”
IX2: Blink Warning Text Loop - Loop classname=paragraph_warning_text: Opacity (On / Off / On / Off )

Currently, it is automatic on page load the “Call Now” text blinks as intended.

^ This works as intended for “Instantly blink”

Now I need to delay this loop by 30 seconds.
For example
IX2 - Page Load: Trigger ‘Blink Warning Text Loop’ after 30 seconds.

^ Now the intention is to trigger blinking Call now ONLY after 30 seconds after page load

Unfortunately, I do not see this option. (?)


  • We have a Blinking 14pt/12pt call now text element when user scrolls towards footer on both mobile and desktop.
  • We want to test “Call now” CTA in Sticky call Header on landing pages and we wnat to do the same blinking animation in the header AFTER 30 seconds.
  • The Call now texts is set to ABS position so its not messing up any parent div block
    or flex box or grid confifurations
  • the blinking text immediately calls to attention the phone button

Other notes:

The Delay does not serve my purpose

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Hi @miekwave,

Please make sure you post the read-only link so members can take a look for ya :slight_smile:


Preview Link:

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What’s the good news?

Hey can a member take a look at this for him? I’m swamped and don’t have the time now.

Just take a glance for him please.

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whats the good news?

I’m still looking for a solution for this

I think you should be able to do this with some custom javascript, see: JavaScript Timing Events
where your function triggers the animation,