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IX2 - Need Help With Parallax Effect

I’m trying to implement the same type of parallax on this Sezane site on my homepage.

I’m not stuck here for a while so I thought I should ask so someone might help me with it(smoothness, easings and etc.)

Also, I would like you to tell me what I’m doing wrong with my parallax.

You can see the Collection No.1 on the home page. The text and header of it work great (parallax). But the picture container jumps after mouse scroll. Why the hell it isn’t smooth?

Here is loom capture :

It is because you are using legacy interactions on the same element. Try to use different divs to target the same element (for example if you want to target some element that already has IX2 attached create div and put your element inside and then apply IX1 to this new div).

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awesome, thanks. I totally forgot the ix1 element after ix2 update. I thought it was a silly mistake, too :smile:

No problem. I learned this the hard way too.

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