IX2 Interaction Animation is missing the Hide/Show Timed Action


I’m pretty sure that when creating a new interaction you used to be able to set a hide/show to an element?

I’ve just gone into IX2 to adjust a current interaction and wanted to make use of this but can’t see it anymore, am I just imagining it?

The Hide/Show Timed Action isn’t available for Animations triggered by Mouse moved in viewport or While page is scrolling triggers.

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Hi Vincent,

Yep, just realied I was looking for it on a page is scrolling animation. Oh well, back to the drawing board! Thanks as always.

I had this issue before, where I wanted an element to scroll to 0% opacity and then display none. Without display none, this overlaying div would block all content below from being interacted with. No interactions, links, etc.

In my particular case, the div in question had absolute positioning. I set up the scroll interaction to fade out the div (0% opacity) and then had it move down the y axis 2000 px or so. Hack workaround but it does work :slight_smile:

I like it.

I had a similar thing going on and wanted to set display none on an element to have another appear in its place.

Got it all working via opacity and absolute positioning in the end (like you) but it was all over the place on iOS iPad. It wouldn’t take the absolute positioning and just loaded the elements next to eachother, which is why I wanted hide/show.

Had to compromise and do away with the lovely animation I had in the end :frowning: