IX2 bug animating to height AUTO

I always keep on switching back to IX1 because this.

I often animate roll outs like submenus or FAQ lists by setting the content to 0 height and overview hidden. Then upon click on the trigger the content height animates to auto.
I adjust the easing and the timing and it works great.

In IX2 this doesn’t work, there is a small work around by setting the height in the designer to AUTO and in IX2 start height to 0 and then on click animate to auto, but this only works on the first click, the next time the animation is gone and it just goes to the AUTO height without any timing or easing.

Hi, @Marcel_Deelen!! Thanks so much for reporting this! :webflow_heart:

I did some testing on my end and I could use IX2 to set the height to Auto.

Here’s a video of my test:


Do you have a specific project or instance you can share so we can take a closer look? Thanks so much! :smiley:


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