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IX 2.0 Slider scaling bug

Hey all,

Just wanted to throw a question out there. As I’m aware IX 1.0 is slowly being filtered out, I am aiming to use only IX 2.0 on a current, new site project.

In the background of a page is a full-screen Slider, to which I am animating the slow scale of a div inside each slide.

In old sites, using IX 1.0, it was easy to create a scaling effect to the div inside a slide, that would grow (with linear easing) across, say, 8 seconds, and then a second action to reset it to its original size once the slider had changed to the next slide.

In IX 2.0, despite setting it up the same way, this is what I am seeing:

  1. If I use Linear easing (across 8 seconds), and have the On Slider Out interaction start with 2 second delay then immediate scale to original size, DESPITE the slideshow settings playing the slide for 5 seconds, the linear easing STOPS at 5 seconds, which is very visible. As the slide time is 5 seconds and the scale is 8 seconds, there should be no stopping of anything until after the slide has been faded out into the next one.

  2. If I use an easeOutQuad easing (not ideal, but it softens the problem), it STILL makes the scaling occur over 5 seconds and NOT the 8 seconds I have animated it for.

That is the main problem — it seems the Slider Settings are overriding the individual IX 2.0 scaling keyframes.

Has anyone else noticed this, and can anyone please help offer a solution? I don’t want to have to revert to IX 1.0 (and end up with yet another site mixed and matched with 1.0 and 2.0 IX), just for the simple scaling of sliders.

Just as a perfect example, I have recreated (far quick than in IX2.0 I must add…) the same 4-slide, scaling slideshow here using IX 1.0, and the scaling slides continue scaling underneath the fade between slides.

So what’s the difference here between IX1.0 and IX2.0 and why this is happening? Help would be warmly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


I’ve also just edited it so the slide scaler is occurring over 12 seconds, linear easing, and you can see that as soon as the Slider itself begins the fade transition to the next slide, the animation of the inner scaling slide STOPS.

Soooo… no one want to pitch in on this? As far as I can tell this is an IX2 bug, and a pretty annoying one. Would love to some input…

Thanks all!

Sorry to send this out again, but it’s been up a couple of weeks now but with no activity. This is a feature which works fine (and as expected) with IX1 but is definitely not working in IX2, and I was hoping someone else will have had the same issue.

Hoping one of the Webflow staff can shed some light on this, please?

Thanks so much for the great work, Webflow!