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IX 2.0 - Scroll into view not activating until the page is scrolled a bit

Has anyone got a fix for this? I’m currently running into the same issue. I’d like my masonry grid to grow when the content is in the field of view. Whether that is on page load or while scrolling into the window.

I need help with this too.

I have a class called ‘fadeIn’ on my sections. The default state is opactiy: 0;

The issue is the first section of every page is invisible until the user scrolls. I need it to trigger the interaction by the section being in view.

Hi @Aaronru1 Can you please republish your URL so I can test this out and investigate?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Here’s mine:

You can see the issue on this page:

The fade in interaction is on the container class

@PixelGeek Any luck?

Hi @PixelGeek Any updates regarding this? I am having the same issue

I think one way this can be fixed it to check after page load, if there are any items in the viewport that have a trigger “enter view port” and then do the trigger automatically. not sure how much work this would be for the you guys though. but this would be a really nice addition.

You can make javascript scroll your website 1px down and 1px back up to get the effects?

Put something like this in your custom code:

  function init() {
      window.scrollTo(0, 1);
      window.scrollTo(0, -1);

Hope it helps.


Im having the same issue.

I need a banner at the top of my page to start since it the view port.
Yes, I could put the action on load, but I need the action to be attached to the element not to the page, for multiple placements and scalability reasons.

Agree. Webflow team, this is a clear bug – are you going to fix this?

The “Scroll into view” trigger needs to be automatically evaluated by Webflow on page load, and trigger any of the associated animations that are already in view.


Same issue here, would love to get a fix for this without any javascript hack or removing animation from first couple of objects.

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I’d love to see it implemented like that (with ix in view being triggered on load rather than after some scroll action)

Any updates on this? @kylecraven did you get yours working?

I have a simple fade-in applied to a class so all the corresponding headers appear on scroll. However, as others have said, if the user should load the page while already scrolled partially, the items with the animation class do not appear until there is a scroll.

The main use cases:

  1. I have an animation applied to a class that is above the fold.
  2. Anchor links.
  3. I imagine it’s much less common for people to refresh a page afters scrolling down halfway; but you never know :slight_smile:
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This solved the issue for me. Thank you so much for the solution! :+1: :clap:

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When will Webflow fix this bug? It’s been almost 2 years. The "scroll into view” trigger needs to be automatically triggered if any of the elements are loaded already in view.


Just another reminder that this issue still exists. 3 years now…

I will look into. I faced same sort if issue a while back


that’s not true. It was fixed a year or more ago.

Hmm okay good to know but I’m certain that’s not the case with content inside of sliders. My client wants a hero slider with Lottie animations on each slide but it makes for an extremely laggy page. I tried using scroll into view to see if it would delay the animation until I enter the related slide but it wouldn’t start until I got to the slide AND THEN scrolled. Not totally looking for a solution anymore since we pivoted to non-animated graphics but It would be nice to know in case I run into the same problem in the future

Interesting. You may want to submit a bug report then.