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IX 2.0 How to finish scroll animation before hero section moves

Hey guys!
I’m so excited about IX 2.0. This made my day! I’ve been watching tutorials/courses over and over to try to really get to know this, and absolutely love it.
I do have a question though (I haven’t got this in a project yet, just an Idea i got from Webflow’s scroll interaction tutorial).

In Webflow’s tutorial where you can scroll text horizontal I wonder… is it possible to make the scroll interaction on the heading finish it interaction before the Hero section start to move up?
Lets say the Hero section is kind of in a Fixed position until the headings interaction is finished, and then the Hero section scrolls up as normal… a kind of delay, you might say. That would open up for a lot of new excitings things to do with IX 2.0.
Anyone got any idea if this is possible?

Thanks in advance,

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No ideas about this? Anyone?