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IX 2.0 conflicts?

Hello There,

Like everybody I have dived into those new amazing magic tricks, but I have noticed that they are rather difficult to use, or to build them well so that they do what we expect. But this will be the subject of another topic, proposition to improve the U.I on the new IX 2.0, because I find it very uneasy to read.

The question of the day is : Do IX 2.0 goes into conflict against another where there are 2 of the same kind used simultaneously?

At the moment I am trying to build 2 parallax scrolling on a webpage, one for the Top/Hero, one for the main content. It works on the preview, but not once exported, the parallax on the Main content bugs, and the items are stuck in their mid-way parallax states and do not move, but are not shown in their default states.

I am using % instead of Px on both parallax Interactions.
Is this the reason of the bug?


Perhaps your parallax for the top-hero is not set to “start when element is fully visible”?

Hey Dram,

The Top parallax actually works well, and the 2 parallax are different interactions, maybe it gets over written?

If you want to have a look at it, open link, click on «Découvrir L’univers» under the first logo animation,
you will redirected to the page with the parallax issue. The top part with the big color fields is working well, but the drawn figures are stuck (the 4 guys) somewhere at 30% of the page height, if they are on an uneven line this is their parallax position, but not their default state.


You would be better off not applying parallax to the whole page if you only need to affect the four images. Create a div of a reasonable height (maybe 100vh) and paste your images inside of it. Then create interaction on this div and tweak it. It should work better and be more manageable.

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