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I've tweaked the living out of this template and now it won't work

Hi Guys,

I had it easy, I bought a template and now it won’t work.

  1. Scroll… why wont this work??
  2. Image sizes are all off on different screens. Do I work with the % method rather than px?

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do before this gets sent out to clients.



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Are you talking about the scroll button? If so, its because its not linked to another section of the page.

Here is a tutorial that will help you:

As for the pictures… you will have to customise the layout and content to suite your design.

Good luck!

Hi @MechKeysPls

I dont have a scroll button, it’s just meant to automatically go down when I do scroll… it was working fine all this time and in the last week it just stopped and I don’t know what happened. it works fine in the preview. Any suggestions? I can’t figure it out!

I just had to heart this cuz your subject title:rofl:!!! Sorry 'bout your troubles though:weary: