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I've frozen during my first webflow build

Hi all

I have been following the tutorials on and off. Often repeating them over and over again like so many others. But I looked at practising on a totally different template layout.

I came across this lovely site design on dribble and thought it would be great to recreate it. But to be honest Ive kinda froze and havent got past my header.

I was wondering if anyone could give me a gentle nudge and would recommend how i could approach building this.

Thanks for your time.

p.s. Ignore the Username, its just my instagram handle. Has no bearings on my lack of ability to code. :smile:

Hey genius… (: (sorry can’t help)

Nice layout indeed, a 6 columns grid… I’ll give it a try later on today and screencast it. It’s totes Webflow’s dope (:

Hi Vincent thank you for the reply. Much appreciated.

@Revolution that is the best reply ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @vincent did you have any luck with the build?

I’m having a nightmare day but I’ve started! I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

@vincent Ahh, I can totally relate to having nightmare days! Im havent moved on from my initial approach, back to watching the tutorials again.

Hi @webflow I love your tutorials they haver helped me to better understand the semantics of of web building greatly. Wanted to know if you would create new webflow tutorials in the future with a more portfolio type designs in mind other than product (startup) focused templates. :smile:

Genius, my screencast failed, it recorded nothing unfortunately. But I kinda achieved the site.

See it here:

See how it’s made here: I didn’t cheat or hack anything. But there’s a fair amount of fixed heights. Almost all images are backgrounds. All icons are vertically centered using the @bartekkustra method.

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@vincent Wow! yours looks great! Thanks very much for creating this. It is definitely a help. I am actually still struggling with my header, as i cannot seem to center my logo and reduce the middle coloum width. I havent worked out how to share my progress so you can have a look at what i mean.