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I've created a Dynamic slider but there is a weird problem

So I managed to create a dynamic slider by inserting an image into the slides and linking them to feilds in my collection. I then used conditional viewing so that the pictures and slides would only appear if the feild is completed inside the collection. It’s working pretty well but there always ends up being one or two extra blank spaces in the slider.

hope this makes sense, thanks.

Here is my public share link:

Hi Dylan
Dynamic Sliders aren’t possible right now. The blank spaces are the pictures you told it not to show. One way to maybe fix this is to have the same amount of pictures in the collection. So there will be no blank space :smiley:


EDIT: Can you share your read-only link?
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Hi David
If you look at my page the project entitled HVMAN 2015 has 15 photos in the collection, This slider then has 16 spaces. The project Protraits of Esteban Rodriguez has 7 photos and nine spaces in the slider.


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