I've build a tool to help you index your pages

Hello everyone. I recently discovered that I had a lot of pages “crawled but now indexed”, this seems very common.

I’ve build a simple free tool which finds those pages and optionally it automatically indexes them. It’s called RankWeek.com - Feel free to give it a try (it has a free plan) and let me know if it helps and if I can help you with any other way.

P.s. it’s completely free to get a list of your current non-indexed pages!

Have a great day!

I checked, many pages “crawled but not indexed” is common issue. Your tool sounds useful for finding these pages and maybe helping with automatic indexing. Good to know it has a free plan for listing non-indexed pages. Will try it and see if it helps with my site.

If I have questions or need more help, I’ll reach out. Appreciate your work on this tool.