Item ID propagation in Zapier


So I have had intermittent issues with the Item ID propagating in my zaps.

I have a job board on our site that takes jobs from our CRM creates a CMS item and then returns the item ID in order to run updates, the rough flow minus the details are:

CRM identifier > Webflow item ID > CRM

I currently have this set in the same Zap, so that both databases share their identifying ID and therfore carry changes from the CRM over to webflow.

Everything works well, however, the item ID from webflow often doesn’t get sent, and sometimes it does, I added a delay to give it a little extra time which did not help, and I have also routed it via airtable which in tests works but in practice does not.

Has anyone else had issues with Webflow not posting the Item id consistently, if so PLEASE HELP


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What tool are you using for your CRM?

My experience has been that whenever you create a new item in your Webflow CMS, the item id is always returned. If you’re not seeing that, here are a couple of thoughts…

  1. Create a new zap and only do that, create a new CMS item, does it reliably return the item id?

  2. If not… create a free account and do the same test. Thought being, is this a Zapier or Webflow issue? If that works contact Zapier support.

  3. If not… contact Webflow support. Sometimes Webflow does have temp hiccups, and maybe this is one of them, but it doesn’t hurt to reach out to them.


If you’re familiar with tools like Insomnia or Postman, do the same (querying Webflow’s API) from one of those tools and observe the results. You’ll get the raw response displayed so it’ll be VERY easy to see if it’s an issue on Webflow’s end or not.

Hi Chris,

Very useful thank you, I really appreciate your help.

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Hi Matthew,

It’s a relatively unknown CRM as it is rather niche, but it seems the issues lies between webflow & Zapier. I will follow the steps outlined by Chris below and see if I can identify the culprit.

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Got it! Sounds good.