It takes Designer 2.5 MINUTES to load. I can't do anything. Help!

I’ve restarted Chrome. Restarted my Mac. Was working fine this morning. I need TO WORK NOW. There’s no immediate tech support. I timed it more than once. After it loads, it takes many seconds just for a button press. Other sites work at normal pace. Only Webflow Designer, and only now. Was working perfectly fine this morning. No changes. Any clues? Any ideas?

How can they charge so much and still have no immediate tech support? I remember back in the day, Adobe would answer phone calls and walk you through things. I can’t believe I actually miss those days. I literally cannot do any work. Lost life, lost money. Cleared the cache. Never ever saw this before.

BTW, forum search is the worst. Lots of topics come up, but from years ago. There’s no filters or modifiers of the forum search to recent; so sorry to panic post. Anyway… rant over. Simply, help!