It is possible to create a Menu like this?

Hi there,

it is possible to create in Webflow a menu like on this site:

I not mean the main menu rather the menu with the round icons - see below:

it a Onepager with multiple “section” i thought.

Thank you!



The default navbar in WF comes with a logo on the left and the menu items aligned on the right, but you have any possibilities to change that layout.

Thanks for the answer.

can i create with the navbar exactly the same menu?
I need the combination function of menu + slider. I thoughts about a OnePager website with hidden section/panels. In every section on top are navigation icon where you can move (not leave the page). Pretty much like example wesite.

Yes, completely possible. Rather use a div with text-center option, and link blocks with icons in it. keep the Navbar element for the main navbar, as it should be unique in a page.

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