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Issues with Webflow tutorial responsiveness

I am just jumping onto Webflow to build an ecommerce page for my NGOs website for an upcoming event.

i am going through the tutorial and it will not let me proceed past the 'Scroll Down" option after you create the text. I tried using the navigation bar/down arrows on my keyboard and their seems to be no way to scroll down to satisfy the step. I cannot seem to exit the tutorial at all, if I refresh it simply goes back to the same step.

Is this a glitch or am I missing something ehre?

Hi @Katorinn thank you so much for posting this! Are you seeing this happen within the Designer?

Can you please share your site Read-Only link?

Which area are you trying to scroll down? It’s possible that a overflow:hidden style may be applied somewhere or you’re encountering a bug.

Can you please share screenshots of the behavior you’re describing? That will be super helpful with finding a resolution! Thanks in advance for your help!