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Issues with URLs on Webflow site

Our main website is and two of the pages in front are features and pricing. If you go to or the pages load normally, as intended. However, if anyone types it as or it leads to a 404 error.

This problem extends to our 301 redirects like where if we gave them the URL (the name we intended to give it), that points to a 404 error.

What can we do to remedy this? Is this an existing issue with all Webflow sites?

Welcome to the community @YoreTiller!

This appears to be an issue with Webflow as I just tested one of my older projects and including capital letters in the page slugs throws a 404. That said, if I use capitals in my main URL the page redirects just fine (ex:

I did a quick Google search and found an older thread here in the community where @samliew was nice enough to provide a snippet of code that should prevent the issue. Just head to your 404 page, then Page Settings > Custom Code > Header Code and include the following:

if(location.href !== location.href.toLowerCase()) {
  location.href = location.href.toLowerCase();

I haven’t tested this myself but it’s worth giving a shot. If you’re so inclined, I’d send Webflow Support a quick message on the behavior and/or include an idea over in the Wishlist :+1:

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