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Issues With Slider Working

Is anyone else having an issue with their sliders not sliding? I have set them up according to instructions, but for some reason they aren’t working in design mode or when I publish my site?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks everyone!


Hello @mktgmeg

I test the page and for me the slides are working perfectly, in design mode too…
Please let me know if u need more help.


@Deni_1990 Thanks for replying. Are the slides sliding automatically for you? I guess there might be an issue with my browser or some strange setting. They don’t seem to do that at all for me.


Now you want to make it slide automatically? because if i click in arrow for me all slides are working. If u want to slide them automatically then you can do it in option, so go to your home-page-slider class:

and then go to the Settings of slider

and check the Auto-player timer, also you can play with the Time and Delay as you want. Also you have some effects in Animation Type.

Hope that help.


Thanks for your help! Somehow it still isn’t working in my webflow-- but it is working when I publish the site. Strange! Thanks for everything! I appreciate it!