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Issues with side nav bar and making new sections

I’ve been wanting to learn Webflow for quite some time. I’ve watched all of the videos, I have images and sketches set up for layout and am just digging into making my very first site. That being said, I’ve ran into a few snags out the gate as I’m setting up the bones of the site.

I’m attempting to create a site with a left hand nav bar. I’ve set it up as I’ve seen done in a tutorial, but having issues getting other sections lining up with it exactly as i had seen. Also having an issue getting any sections to layout under my main one(the greeting/about one if you check my read-only link).

I also have some animations set up that seem to work well for page loading . I have another one set up to make the text disappear once you scroll down but it doesnt seem to be working…I’m guessing only because i done have any content below it?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Can you point us to which tutorial you are speaking about?

Thanks fo r responding:) i Used this:

I now have a nav bar on the left hand side but the contents of it wont follow once you start scrolling down