Issues with Navbar and Menu (when in tablet/smartphone mode)

Hello everyone !

Maybe someone can help me solve the following issues I’m having with my Navbar and its Menu (when in tablet/smartphone mode):

  • When I hoover over the Navbar icon, it moves slightly up… I would like it NOT to move!

  • When the menu opens up, the “normal” links are aligned, whereas the dropdown links are shifted/have an indent to the right… I would like them to be all aligned.!

  • I would like the menu to open up right underneath the Navbar and to the extreme right inside of the screen… It does not seem to want to do that now.

Thank you in advance for your help!!!



Please feel free to check it out on the website (here:

Here is my site Read-Only:

1 - move issue

menu button → hover with difference top/bottom-margin = “move effect”:

2 - broken layout

Hard to solve this (Because you use endless styles and ideas for very simple dropdown).

“Problem” - you set two classes (One with extra margin-left). By the way - its better to use the same class for all menu items.


3 - position

From the right - maybe remove all styles and use this menu type.


Hi Siton_Systems and thank you, it seems to have worked out fine!

I was wondering now if you could help me on another, very different, issue…

If you go on this dynamic CMS Collection Page ( ), you will see that it’s a template for a group of pages called “Actividades (ES)”. That is, pages that should each talk about a specific “Activity” and then list all the Trips, that’s "Vaiajes (ES), according to the Activity to wich they belong.

For example, if you follow the link above, you’d land on a page on “Barranquismo” (Canyoning), where you should have a photo, an introductory text and finally a list of all trips concerning the specific activity of Barranquismo. Each activity page should have its specific list of Viajes (Trips).

The issue is that, when I filter the CMS Collection List for that specific activity on each template, it turns out that the last list that I “filter” applies to all the pages. In the example I gave you with the link, I had previously filtered the list as to display only the Viajes/Trips involving Barranquismo (and it worked)… but then, when I configured the list on another activity page (Gran Treks), it changed the filter (and therefore the list) on all other activity pages (including Barranquismo).

Is there a way for me to apply a different/specific filtered list to each activity page (within the Actividades (ES) CMS Collection Page’s template), just like a do with the introductory photo and text?

Once again, thank you for your help! :slight_smile:


Very hard to understand the problem. Maybe add screenshot -or- open new Q on the forum.


let me try to explain my issue better…
Indeed, it’s pretty simple if I only could manage to explain it right.


Let’s say that I create 2 CMS Collections. Collection 1 is called Categories (where, for example, I have 3 categories: Men, Women and Children) and Collection 2 is called Products (where I have all the products of the 3 Categories).

Now, in the dynamic category page “Men”, I want to insert a CMS Collection List showing ONLY products related to the “Men” category (filtered on Men). Same thing for the other categories… in the dynamic category page “Women”, I want to insert a CMS Collection List showing ONLY products related to the “Women” category (filtered on Women) and in the “Children” only the products for children!

Can I do that? And if I can, how?

Thank you in advance for your help!