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Issues with "Natural" template


I’m developing on the “Natural” template and found two issues with the original template:

  1. On Apple phones (and probably all smaller mobile phones), the mobile menu does not show all of the menu options.
  2. The home page “Main Slider” does not display correctly on mobile landscape.

You can replicate these issues on
Can you please advise on how to address these issues?

You can view my current development site here, although I’ve made many, many changes since purchasing the template:

This question is also posted here to the Support page under the template.

Many thanks,

I also posted this question here:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @rebeccajg,

I’m not the designer of the template but I can still help you out.

  1. The mobile menu displays exactly what is shown in the desktop view, I resized the browser and also viewed it on my iPhone. What’s supposed to be missing?

  2. I’m going to have to use bullet points below because there’s a lot to cover;
    • Container slide currently has a relative position of top left 40%, this means it’s being pushed down. Change it to TOP and 30%.
    • In tablet view, your hero heading line height is 98px, reduce this to 70px.
    • In landscape view, the hero heading has a -60px margin, change it to 0px, reduce the line height to 55px and reduce the top margin to 0px.
    • In mobile view, add 10px padding to left and right of the container slider so your text doesn’t display to the edge of the screen, reduce the hero heading font size to 25px and 40px line height.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you!

The template designer also chimed in on the template support page, so we should have a solution there, too.

I hope you have a FAN-tastic day!

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You’re very welcome @rebeccajg, I’m always happy to help fellow Webflowers :smiley:

Have a lovely weekend.

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