Issues with my NavBar!

Hi! I’m having 2 issues with the Navbar to my website, hoping someone may be able to help me out some, thanks a ton in advance!

  1. On my Navbar on the homepage, on desktop when someone goes to click on a Nav Link, they have to actually hover ABOVE the Nav Link Text to be able to click on it, not on the Nav Link directly.

  2. On mobile, on my “Join The CivWave” page, when the Nav Menu is opened up, it almost entirely disappears, and I’m not sure why as this issue isn’t happening on other pages, only the “Join The CivWave” page.

Any help on this would be great, and again, thank you so much in advance, this forum has been extremely helpful!

Read Only Link Webflow - Civil.GG

My Website: Civil.GG

Hey Civil.

On your First issue is a common mistake. You have your Z-Index on your NavBar set as '1’ which is equal to your Hero/title section.

  1. To resolve this increase the Z-Index on your NavBar to ‘2’ or Higher

With your second problem, you have the Body Height at 100px.

  1. To resolve this set the Body height to Auto. Which will solve the problem. Then to restore the look of the page set the Hero Overlay 4 section to a Height of 400px

Hope this helps!

You’re the best, fixed my issues perfectly! Thank you!

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