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Issues with multiple hide and show buttons not behaving as intended

I’m having an issue with my hide and show buttons. I have used this interaction many times over and never had an issue until now.

At first, it appears all the buttons are functioning as intended, however after clicking on some that’s when the unpredictable behavior begins - Sometimes the buttons work, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes they link to a pdf that is coming out of nowhere!

There is no pattern to the button’s behavior that I can see - Very confusing! Could you take a peak to see if there is something I am missing?

Read only:

Live site:

Page with the issues:

Hi @Brian_M_Fromknecht it looks like you needed to set your “product series” elements to clear and to relative position as they were having some overlapping on expansion issues:

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Awesome! That fixed it right away. Thanks @Waldo

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