Issues with inheritance

I am having issues with inheritance. I have my body font color as black and an h1 (along with other elements) styled white. When I publish and view my site on my phone (safari and chrome) the page renders as black so I assume that it’s inheriting from the body, but I have tried everything to get this to stop. The issue doesn’t show on the designer but on the actual published website on a mobile device.

published site


I need help baddddddddly, I’m so confused


ok Contact me here Moheen A. - Webflow website Development - Upwork Freelancer from Abbottabad, Pakistan and give me your webflow account credentials. It will take a time but I can solve it.

I apprentice you reaching out, but i’m not in a position to solve this by paying

hehehhe don’t worry I will do it for fee

Upwork seems to be having issues with sign up currently so I can’t even make an account
:(((((((((((((((( share me your cradentials here