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Issues with Hero Section and background image


I am currently having a play with the Webflow system. It’s taken me a while to get used to and one of the ways I learn best is by copying and doing until I understand stuff. I’ve been replicating a template from Webflow and building it myself.

I have created a Hero Section and added a background image to this. The section looks great on desktop, tablet (tested on iPad mini in Portrait) and mobile. However, when I view on my iPad mini in Landscape I am getting some issues with the image duplicating itself, I tried removing the margin but this obviously removes the margin in Portrait mode too and causes issues there.

Can anyone advise what can be done to solve this as I am stumped? You can replicate the issue by viewing the site, going into tablet mode and then using the slider, it appears to happen in tablet at 983px +

TIA for your time and help

Here is my public share link:

Sorry all. I have resolved this now, it was the positioning of my background image on the desktop view which then caused the issue as landscape tablet is the same as desktop.

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