Issues with footer sticking on page scroll back up

Hello! I need some help with a page scroll footer issue.

Once you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and hit the footer. The footer slightly sticks until you get all the way back to the top. Does anyone know how to fix this? Once the footer is out of sight, I would like it to stay that way.

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Hi @lindsay.ware

Its a structure problem i guess.
I explain

You have overflow scroll on main content
The thing is when you scroll on the main content section It just scroll into the section not in your page.

See if i scroll on your menu i don’t have the issue

So how to fix ?
I don’t see easy fix, you could put your footer into main content, in absolute, change de width but it won’t show in front of your menu since it’s in an overflow div…

Maybe you can hide/show your footer with interaction on scroll up and down that’s probably the simpler solution

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