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Issues with fixed nav and trying to stick element


I am trying to use sticky-kit (jquery), which holds a div to its parent on scroll. However i am trying to figure out how to solve the problem of my fixed top nav bar… It currently covers my '#sort-by" sticky div.

Is there another way this can be done?

Many thanks!

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Hi, @bwalls1992

I see you found solution by moving navbar to the bottom.

I would want to make 1 suggestion: for the people profile cards you have border appear on hover. Make same size border for nothoverd state too, but transparent color. Then the cards will not shift when you will mouse hover it.



Hi @sabanna

No i have not fixed my nav bar issue… still figuring it out as i want more than 2 items to be sticky, but if i place the nav bar fixed and use a jquery sticky plugin on another element it wont work how i like… Any ideas @VladimirVitaliyevich ??

Also thanks for the tip it is looking niceer!

Well… One of the ways I see to fix this issue is adding more top padding to “extra-filters” div. But this extra padding will be visible while that div is NOT fixed too :confused:

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