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Issues with fixed images / parallax effect

Hi guys,

it seems that either I’m doing something stupid, either there’s some sort of an issue / bug within Webflow.

On the home page I have a slider and only the 1st slide functions right in terms of a fixed background image (in order to produce that parallax effect). The other 2 slides, despite having the same settings / properties do not display correctly that specific back image (in fact it disappears) when fixed (if it’s not fixed, then everything goes back into place).

Here’s a link of the website:

I use a MacBook Pro retina with the latest version of Safari & Chrome (and the issue is still there on both browsers).

I’ve attached a few screenshots with all 3 slides.

Thanks for all your help.

Hi @gckiluminatis, right now, the support for fixed background images with the slider is really limited with the browsers. We do not advise to use fixed background images for sliders yet, the main reason is that things may not run predictably on all browsers.

Here is a another topic that talks more about this: Fixed photo in slider! [Firefox and Safari]

Things can be spotty, even in Chrome. I would suggest to alter the design until we have some better support for this implemented.

Cheers, Dave