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Issues with DNS/custom domain mapping


I’m at the final stage of a project and need to remap several existing custom domains. I’ve added the correct A host settings on the purchased domain providers (Mind + Machine and Mr Site) and CNAME when possible, but for some reason Webflow is still redirecting all of them to one of the custom domains (not sure why that one in particular) and bringing up a 404 error page.

I’m not sure:

  1. How to change the domain they’re redirecting to to the preferred main address
  2. Why the other domains are not mapping properly if everything is entered correctly on both ends.

Any help or experience with this is greatly appreciated!!

The current site is live at: (this is the domain that it redirects to which I want to change but can’t figure out how to do so). If you want more details let me know.

Here is the Minds + Machines:

and the Mr Site:


I think I’ve figured out the domain mapping now so it’s working for the different custom domains. However I am not sure how to set as the main domain. At the moment you can reach the site at each of the URLs. Anyone know how to fix this?