Issues with count up script while scrolling and European notation

I would like to put a count-up script on my page. There are plenty of scripts for that, but I run into two things:

  1. The animation should only start when it scrolls into view (many scripts start when the page loads and if the numbers are further down the page, the animation is done before you get there)
  2. The scripts I’ve tried are based on American notation: decimals are seperated with a point and 1000 is displayed as 1,000. In Europe we notate 1000 as 1.000 Above a million (1.000.000) I get an error.

I found a Webflow project that I cloned and it solves problem 1, but not problem 2 yet. See this clonable site: counter-test-aaf463 - Webflow

Anyone have an idea or solution?

Thanks in advance!

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