Issues with container/heading in Chrome vs. Explorer

I am working on an assignment for school and have exported the code to the school server which is mydevryportfolio. The site says it is powered by hostable and uses a cpanel. I have not had issues untill today when I exported and updated my work. When I brought up the site on Chrome a container on the index page is working correctly. I opened it in explorer and it does show as expected. I am not sure how to fix this and any help would be appreciated. The site address is

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You are having issues because you are using layout:grid on those elements and IE has very limited support since it is browser that is end of life and not receiving updates. If you go down the path of supporting IE (I would not bother unless a client paid me a small fortune), then you will have to work around bugs and stick to supported elements / CSS.

Search the forums for “IE” and that should give you an idea.

I changed the topic to Design Help -> Layout since IE is the BUG not Webflow.

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