Issues with Chrome and Safari - Sliders, dropdowns, custom form elements

Hi Team,

I’ve just tested my build on a Mac and i’m having the same issues on both Chrome and Safari with interactions / buttons etc not working. For reference it’s a 27inch 2015 iMac running High Sierra (bit old). I’ve currently got it running a few updates to see if that helps.

I’m assuming this is because of the default accessibility / motion settings, but I don’t want to change these just to make the site work, because it needs to work regardless of these settings in place. So if you think that’s the case, is there anything I can do to circumvent these settings?

Here’s a list of the issues i’ve found on both browsers on the mac:

  • Slider arrows don’t work to move to the next slide, neither does auto rotate
  • Custom Radio buttons and checkmarks aren’t showing on click
  • Column gap not showing
  • Menu button (for tablet and smaller) doesn’t open menu on click
  • Login dropdown button in Nav doesn’t work on hover or click

That said my button hover interactions all work. And I have none of these issues showing when testing on android and chrome on Windows.

Any and all advice appreciated!!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Oak Tree Devanning

Seems to have been a browser and software issue. Did a big update across the board and most issues are now fixed. I am assuming that the column gap setting is a limitation of the Safari browser as they still aren’t showing, but it doesn’t break the site.