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Issues with cell phone portrait view

issues with cell phone portrait view

When I went to check it on my cell phone (galaxy note 4) the layout is different than the dashboard cell phone portrait view. (see attached screen shot taken from my cell phone) is there a solution for this? Also when a friend tested it on her Iphone, the landacape and portrait links would not open, but the other image links in the bottom row opened fine. Did I do something wrong? Quite possible since this is my first website. my site. url is
I have not yet taken the responsive web design course/

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @tomtrauberman Could you please update your post with a working read-only link, looks like the one above is broken:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Hey @tomtrauberman my recommendation would be to rebuild your navigation for your site.

If you drag in a new navbar, give it a class and style it to be 100% width and sit absolute positioned inside of your hero section. Then maybe consider moving your logo outside of the container of the navbar and position it to float left and your nav menu to float right. Be sure to use new class names as your rebuilding out the nav.

Try to avoid using negative margins when possible as well.

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