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Issues with adjusting the canvas setting

Hello there,

I’m new to Webflow, and I am trying to do my first project, but I keep running into issues with the canvas.

My designs are 1920x1080, but whenever I set that on top left section (Which I don’t know if I should) everytime I toggle between the different devices it defaults to 992x100, which misaligns the elements I have set, and don’t align with the reference BG image. I am a pathological perfectionist and I can’t let myself move past this point till I have this canvas sorted.

I have watched videos on the canvas, which are helpful, but not quite scratching the itch, please can I get someone to assist before I lose more hair on this.

Thank you

Hey KwaziMan,

is your issue is resolved by the team. even i’m also facing the same issue it would be helpful if you’re solved this.

Thank you.