Issues with a previous Webflow hosted site to a rebranded site with a different domain

Help, please! I’ve had a site hosted with a custom domain for a while, now I rebranded that site and changed to a new custom domain. Everything is working in regards to setting up the new domain, however, any links within the site still have the old domain.
New domain:
Old domain:

Issue: All links still retain the “” domain on the path after publishing, I can’t seem to find anywhere where to change that. Where link paths should look like this:, it still retains “”/contact when published. Grrr!

Did you republish the site after making the change to hosting settings?

Thanks, yes, a few times since last night.

Your project has this code <base href=""> setting the value. Look at your project settings.

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Where do I find that? I mean, under what tab under proj settings.

FOUND IT, thank you, Jeff.