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Issues when hosting Webflow page in an iframe

Hi there!

Our team just joined Webflow on a paid plan a week ago, so trying to get the most out of it! Unfortunately some issues stops us from getting that, so hope someone here is able to help us :slight_smile:

Background (totally optional!):
We have a platform (made in React + NextJS), where creating new pages from a design is a drag. It is taking forever to have our small development team implement the designs, and they are always off mark in some ways our less elegant (animations, fading, etc.) than if our two developers made it. We want to give it a go using using Webflow to create all our static pages, so our designers can create them themselves without much developer help aside from a bit JS.

Our platform ( has a stateful header on all pages (where the user can login, logout, etc). Migrating our platform to Webflow fully is beyond our resources (early startup life), and will probably introduce other problems down the road. Thus we need to go with a hybrid. The simple option would be to export all our pages from Webflow and import them in our own frontend. This means we lose the agility for our designer and content manager to quickly and without developer help make page changes without developers… I see this as one of the strongest Webflow features. Empowering our designers and content managers to create pages without our developer.

The challenge:
We have embedded the Webflow page in an iframe right below our stateful header on our own site, so we still have the agility of making live updates from Webflow (without developers exporting and importing code for every change)
This works. Almost. We have a few issues, I want to hear if anyone else has encountered and solved (elegantly or not):

  1. Scroll events are no longer working.
  2. Whenever a tab is clicked, it jumps to the top of the page containing page.

Anyone familiar with these issues and can give some tips? Or in general tell how they embedded their webflow page on their platform :smiley:

Have a good day!

tl;dr: Embedded Webflow in an iframe. Scroll effect no longer working and Webflow tab component jumps to top of page when clicked now. Anyone that has experience with that and know of some good solutions, and/or have other ideas and experiences with embedding Webflow pages on their platforms?

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